I’m Ashlee. I'm glad you made your way over to my little corner of the web. If I had to describe this space in one word it would probably be chaos...but in a good way. There are so many blogs out there and I know you have your options for reading content so I'll break it down for you. I designed this space to share my love of Chicago, design, travel, and my terrible habit of oversharing.

I could give you a million reasons as to why Chicago is the best city in the world but I’ll let you take a look around and decide for yourself. Not only do I fill you in on what's going on in my life, I share my favorite photos of people and moments I've captured.

Photography has always held a special place in my heart. My dad is a major reason for this spark, way back when he was a ship photographer in the Navy and has taught me to appreciate photography for the art form that used to be instead of just a way to snap pretty pictures.

Over the past two years I have begun to expand my skills and knowledge and I'm always striving to tell better stories through my photos. If you’re a fellow blogger or just looking for a photographer I’m available for hire. Check out samples of my work here.

Feel free to email me at, leave some comments, or even hit me up on social media if you are ever in Chicago!