I’m Ashlee. A native Chicagoan who spent four years in Louisville, Kentucky at Bellarmine University. I moved back home to work as the director of engagement at Windy City Blogger Collective. That’s when I decided to take what I’ve learned about blogging and create one of my own. It’s mostly focused on my love of Chicago, design, travel, and my terrible habit of oversharing.

I could give you a million reasons as to why Chicago is the best city in the world but I’ll let you take a look around and decide for yourself. I also have a great admiration for people in the creative field, which is why you’ll find all sorts of art-related things on here as well. 

One thing you should know about me: 

I’m probably out gallivanting around the city taking photos or eating through Chicago's food scene. 

If that isn’t enough find out more on why I started this blog

Also, if you’re a fellow blogger or just looking for a photographer I’m available for hire. Check out samples of my work here.

Feel free to email me at, leave some comments, or even hit me up on social media if you are ever in Chicago!