Bowtiful Life Boat Cruise on the Odyssey II

Earlier this month a group of us set sail on Lake Michigan for a very special celebration - Megan from Bowtiftul Life's 22nd birthday. We were invited to booze and cruise aboard the Odyssey Cruises Chicago on the Odyssey II. Brunch with a view - yes please! April is hit or miss when it comes to weather in the Windy City but we were lucky enough to have semi-warm weather to explore the top deck and take in some spectacular views of the city.

This was actually my third time cruising with Entertainment Cruises Chicago - back in the fall I got to experience their Haunted Boat Cruise as well as a Windy City City Blogger boat cruise aboard the original Odyssey over the summer. I never fail to have an amazing time! 

Megan explained to us beforehand that we were going to take part in a whole new dining experience. As soon as we stepped onto the ship we were instantly greeted by the friendly staff. Once we were seated our waitress, Zayra, introduced herself as well as her assistant, Austin. I was blown away by their friendly service and attentiveness to Megan and all of her guests. You could tell they wanted to make the day as special as possible. 

DJ/Master of Ceremonies, Peter made sure to stop by our table and introduce himself. He definitely knew how to get the party going! Halfway through we all hit the dance floor which was mostly thanks to Zayra's great drink suggestion of the “Violet’s Hour” - this bad boy had Absolut citron vodka, agave nectar, fresh lemon juice, blueberries, and mint in it. It was delicious. 

Overall, it was a Sunday well spent. Megan I hope your birthday was an awesome experience and I'm so happy I got to share this special day with you! Thanks again to the staff at Odyssey Cruises Chicago - you bet I'll be back again soon! 

Psst...if you want to read more about Megan's experience - check out her birthday post here

Ashlee O'Neil