The Radical Larder Popup in Ipsento 606

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Fun fact: one of my favorite neighborhoods in Chicago is Wicker Park. Ever since I decided I want to move into the city my goal has been to find an apartment there. Naturally, when someone invited me to check out a new popup restaurant close by I was all in. If you've ever over by the 606 walking path you definitely need to pop by Ipsento 606. It's their second location (the other is on  2035 N Western Ave) and has a unique twist in that it doubles as a bar. 

I brought along a guest and he was thoroughly confused when we first walked in. Granted the only details I gave him were that we had reservations for dinner at 5:00 p.m. We were greeted by the friendly barista who showed us to our table right in the front window (natural lighting for the win on all these photos). 

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The alcohol menu is filled with all different kinds of options but I was drawn to the Gene Hazel which had gin, white rum, lemon, basil, demerara (I had no idea what this was so I figured I would look it up: "partially refined light brown cane sugar coming originally from Guyan"), and ginger. This drink was so refreshing, I loved it! Robert (my guest) on the other hand went for the "Mexican" coffee which had tequila, nitro conditioned coffee, and ipsento whipped cream. It was also delicious but completely different, it was much sweeter and perfect replacement for an after dinner dessert. 

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Normally Chef Meagn Lombaer is cooking for clients and small groups create satisfying and healthy meals in their homes or at special events. But every now and again she will bring her skills to local restaurants to share. After being able to look over the menu, Lombaer stopped by our table to talk a little more about each dish. She has created a number of plates that highlight the end of summer such as Provincial Ratatouille with fresh local vegetables or Fig and Olive Salad with buckwheat noodles. 

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We were able to talk with Lombaer about her passion for food and her reasoning for choosing the dishes she did. She emphasized how important it is to her to use simple and fresh ingredients, which are almost always plant based and organic. Before venturing out on her own culinary journey Lombaer attended Kendall College culinary arts program and has spent five years in the culinary industry. Her first position was sous chef at Old Town Social followed by Longman & Eagle working as a pastry assistant. 

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Everything on the menu sounded so good which made it hard to pick so I asked Lombaer if she had and she suggested  the Stuffed Bell Peppers with cracked green wheat, market vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, labneh, sumac, and zatar. They did not disappoint!

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We had such an amazing experience while dining at the The Radical Larder. It was so fun getting to learn more about Lombaer's passion of cooking.

Be sure to make your way over to Ipsento 606 to taste The Radical Larder menu before it's gone October 1st. Thank you to Jill, Chef Lombaer, and the Ipsento staff for such an lovely evening!