Its ‘Bean’ Awhile

Do you ever get such a great night sleep that you wake up feeling like you can conquer the world only to realize that you still need caffeine before you can function? Last night was the first time in two and half weeks that I FINALLY slept in my own bed. Why? I was dogsitting this adorable pug named Zoë -- yes the dog has an 'umlaut' (yes I googled that and it's the name for the two dots over the "e"). I think that just goes to show you how important this little pugglet is to this couple. All I can say if that I'm ecstatic to be in my own bed.  

That being said I apologize but I don't have a Friday Five this week. More or less because this week has been a whirlwind of work, events, and quality puggle time. So I thought "Why not share some of the events with you all?"

Last Wednesday I headed over to the Sprite Lounge for McDonald's. It was by far the most fun I've had at an event to date! They were relaunching their Big Mac and adding two new sizes. Granted the last time I had a Big Mac was when I was 7 years-old but it was fun to relive my childhood. Funny enough a lot of kids my age have never even had a Big Mac, so that was the whole idea behind the event, to relaunch a classic menu item to a younger generation. Added bonus, Doug McDermott was there. Honestly, I didn't know who he was so I had to Google that he's a Bulls player. But that was still super cool!

Fast forward to this week. Tuesday I spent the day at the Soho House with Kit and Jess from 26 and Not Counting (*stay tuned* because I'm starting a new segment on the blog very soon -- it's gonna awesome). Overall it was a very productive day, plus I got to work on a product launch for a food blogger that I'm excited to share with you all in a few weeks! 

That evening my friend met me over at Green Street Meat across the street from Soho for some food, then we headed over to Brooklyn Boulder Chicago for a super cool launch of their two new flavors of Red Bull Edition -- Lime and Red. I've never been a big fan of energy drinks, usually because they have so much sugar packed into them but the new drink has zero sugar and doesn't taste half bad. We did, however, need that extra energy to climb. Seriously, my arms felt like jello afterward. That could have been because I have never gone rock climbing before -- unless you count a failed attempt at the wall at Galyan's (does anyone remember Galyan's?) -- or the fact that homegirl has zero upper body strength.

On Wednesday I met up with two of few friends, Megan from Bowtiful Life and Caitlin from Sophisticaition at Heritage Bicycle Store which I might have mentioned before is one of my favorite coffee shops. It's so cute!

That evening a few bloggers from the collective gathered for a dinner hosted by Saved by the Max. It's a pop-up restaurant located in Wicker Park that is completely themed around the classic 90s television show "Saved By the Bell". 

Everything from the decor, straight down to the menu items was related somehow back to the show. Plus, the food was delicious! If you’re in Chicago or planning a visit, I highly suggest checking it out but you have to hurry, they are only in Chicago until May 31st and then they're taking the pop-up to other cities. 

Random side note:

I've been in such a good mood recently and I think it's directly related to the unusually warm February weather. Seriously, it was almost 70s degrees on Wednesday. I only mention the 'weather' because it really has an affect on my mood. I wish Chicago didn't have such long winters but also very concerned about global warning. Actually, that's an understatement, we all should be EXTREMELY concerned.

Welp...on that note. I hope you liked that little recap on 'lyfe'. I'll keep you posted on more fun things to come! I'm headed to a La La Land-themed Oscar party at the Conrad Chicago on Sunday! Should be fun!