Artistry in Motion: Lacuna Artists Lofts

Piece of artwork in the Lacuna Artists Lofts 

The summer ended on a high note with Lululemon's Artistry in Motion event held at the Lacuna Lofts in Chicago. Windy City Blogger Collective was invited to preview Lululemon's newest line of athletic apparel. How cool is that? They flew in their apparel designers from Canada to explain design process behind both the men and women's new lines. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the Lacuna Artist Lofts it's not surprising. I had never heard of the space before the event so I decided to Google it. Not much came up about the space, besides that it can be rented out for private parties and weddings; tucked away in the neighborhood of Pilsen.

Actually, to be honest, I had never heard of Pilsen. It's funny growing up near Chicago, I was unaware of all the different neighborhoods filled with unique art and culture. When I did a little digging I learned that it's actually one of the most recognizable neighborhoods in Chicago, known for its artistic flair and massive street murals. 

artistry in motion wall mural.jpg

What is so cool about the Lacuna Artists Lofts is that there's literally art everywhere you look. I eventually learned that the concept is for artists to come live in the space and create whenever inspiration strikes.

As we made our way into the main event space there was a man on a ladder painting a giant typography mural on the wall all while house music played in the background. From that point on we mingle with other creatives and admired the newly designed Lululemon activewear. We started to wander around the space and found art in every corner.

artistry in motion event yeezy.jpg

The first piece that really grabbed my eye was this Yeezus sign. It was so cool! There was a similar Chance the Rapper placed right next to it -- both are Chicago-based musicians (in case there were of few of you who we're aware) I’m a huge fan of Chance the Rapper. If could, I would have taken the sign home with me and placed it in my room.  

artistry in motion tattoos sign.jpg

*side note* I think I have a thing for florescent signs. 

artistry in motion floor.jpg

I mean…even the bathroom floors were gorgeous. Eventually, I wandered into a separate event space, which I happened to recognize from a few wedding photos I found online. It was absolutely stunning!   

Aspire to inspire others and the universe will take note.

This piece was on the wall right when you walk into the lofts. It’s by the artist WRDSMTH -- this artist travels all across the country creating murals similar to this on city buildings. I actually found another piece while I was in New York which you can find on my post here.

Besides being able to admire the new beautifully designed line for Lululemon. I left the event feeling very inspired. Actually, if I could, I would live in the lofts but sadly my artist ability is nowhere near the level of those talented artists. 

Have you ever been to the Lacuna Artist Lofts? Have any recommendations on where to go in Pilsen? Let me know down below!