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In my final semester of college I was assigned a three month long capstone project. The guidelines were simple, we could create anything we felt passionate about as long as it exemplified what we had learned over the past few years in the design, art and technology program. 

I chose to create a hand-coded website that focused on breaking down the negative connotation around “feminism". Before I started the project, I had a very warped idea of feminism. It was not until I did research and educated myself on the true definition did I then feel a need to raise awareness on the topic. 

This revelation made me realize that I couldn’t be the only woman undereducated on feminism. Which is why I chose to create a website that opened up a discussion. I went and interviewed men and women all across campus and asked them how they felt when they heard the word ‘feminism’. The initial reactions and responses were intriguing to say the least.

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Starting the conversation

The entire project was a growing experience. It got me out of my comfort zone by talking about a topic I would never normally discuss with friends or teachers. I became more educated on what it means to be a feminist and was comfortable with outwardly identifying myself as one. 

Coding the website was extremely satisfying. I had basic HTML training but building the site from the bottom up gave me a new sense of appreciation for programmers and computer engineers. It also sparked my interest in learning more about code.