5 Musicians You Should Listen To

The cold weather has slowly crept back into Chicago. This, of course, means I’ve avoided leaving my house as much as possible. Naturally, when I'm at home I always have to have music playing whether I'm cleaning or working. Depending on my mood, my taste changes with the exception of country music -- I apologize to all you Luke Bryan fans out there. I tend to stick to more soulful/indie alternative vibes but every once in a while I throw in some 90s throwback, Chance the Rapper, or Beyoncé. More or less I have a handful of artists I find myself constantly listening to again and again because I just love them so.

*Cue eye roll* Besides his overplayed ‘Take Me to Church’ single, I’m such a Hozier fan. ‘Cherry and Wine’ and 'Jackie and Wilson' have to be two of my all time favorites.  

Catey Shaw

Catey who? I found Catey a few years back. I thought she only had one EP because that's what I could find Spotify but SoundCloud has a few of her more recent tracks. Her lyrics are so sassy and catchy. 

I don't have much to say about the Lumineers besides they can do no wrong when it comes to making music.

Leon Bridges

What’s not to like about Leon Bridges? He’s so unbelievably talented. I love the sound of his voice, it's so soulful. 

I can't remember when I started to listen to Shakey Gaves but I love to watch his live performances. Honestly, I think he sounds better live. If you listen to this version of 'Roll the Bones' I think you will agree.

Here’s a few songs I'm really enjoying at the moment:

  1. Sedona - Houndmouth
  2. Deeper - Ella Eyre
  3. Put a Light On - Generationals
  4. Thunder Clatter - Wild Club 
  5. Cross My Mind -  A R I Z O N A