5 Videos I Enjoyed this Week

I’m not going to lie. I spend a lot of time on my phone. Seriously, it’s a bad habit. But if it’s any consolation I commute for work and have a lot of free time on the train. Which is when I get to catch up on my favorite late night television clips, music videos, movie trailer, anything pop culture related really. I watch way too many YouTube videos. I can't get enough of Stephen Colbert, James Corden, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, the list goes on and on. Here are five of my favorites from this week:

1. Family Meeting with Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann and Stephen Colbert give our country a little parental guidance.

2. 'Fifty Shades Darkest,' Starring Ellen DeGeneres & Jamie Dornan

I’ve never seen 50 Shades of Grey and have never read the books but I laughed at this skit Ellen did with Jamie Dornan. She's such an awesome human.

3. Cody Ko

If you haven’t heard of Cody Ko, you’re missing out. I started following him way back when Vine was still relevant. I think he's hilarious but I also think he makes an extremely valid point (ignore all the language in the video). Instagram has turned into a weird place, where stuff like this gets viewed all the time and it's not okay. A little confused on what I'm talking about? Watch his first video here. It will shine some light on the topic. 

4. Ed Sheeran - Shape of You

First off, I didn’t realize, until this video, Ed Sheeran is kind of a badass. Second, this song is so catchy which makes me mad because it's been stuck in my head the past few weeks. 

5.  Long Nights Short Mornings Official Trailer

Here’s a random movie trailer I watched. I’m obsessed with watching movie trailers (and not actually going to see the movie in theaters -- mostly because I'm cheap). This one looks sooo good. 

Any other good videos I missed this week? Let me know!