What I’ve Learned from Designlab: Typography

What I’ve Learned from Designlab Typography.jpg

Way back at the beginning of summer, I was looking for ways to keep my design skills sharp. I spent time browsing the Internet looking for classes and that's when I came across Designlab. They provide online courses on various topics in UI/UX design. For those who are not familiar with what UI/UX designer does, essentially they're concerned with the overall feel and user experience of let's say a website or mobile application. While my coding skills are nowhere near the level needed to be a UI/UX designer, I saw that they also offered classes in design. What really drew me to Designlab was the fact that each course sets you up with an expert mentor who you meet with weekly to discuss projects and course materials. 

I chose to do the typography course because I felt I had already had a basic grasp on the concepts of design through my classes in college. There I was able to learn the very fundamentals of typography but I was never given the opportunity to dive deeper into fonts. Personally, I feel a complete understanding of fonts should be one of the core elements of one’s design knowledge. Being able to distinguish which fonts fit well into a design aids in the reader’s enjoyment. 

Currently, I am in week three of the course and have learned the history of the most prominent fonts, the process of choosing the appropriate font, as well as kerning (spacing) letters in aesthetically pleasing ways. Learning all this has definitely given me a greater respect for graphic designers as well as all UI/UX designers.

There is a lot more that goes into a designer’s choice in font then I used to assume. The psychology behind what the human eye is drawn towards is fascinating. Essentially the designer's goal is to tap into readers' senses and grab their attention while not distracting from the actual content.

I’m looking forward to the final lessons this coming week as well as having a handful of projects to add to my portfolio!